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Jade SCA: One of the most advanced medical grade air systems on the market

Jade SCA air filtration

Jade SCA air filtration

Surgically Clean Air’s Jade Air Purifier is one the most advanced medical grade air systems on the market. Combining beautiful styling on the outside with sophisticated technology on the inside, it’s designed with premium in mind.

What sets surgically clean air apart

  • 6 Stage filtration & Sterilisation process
  • Sound Dampening Design
  • Large Capacity Airflow Management
  • Smart Control Features

Jade SCA benefits


Our exclusive six stages of technology not only filter the air – we also sterilize it. We diminish everything that is in the air: bio-aerosols, odours, gasses, disinfectants, particulates, molds, viruses, bacteria and fungus.


Person-to-person virus spread is a significant problem in dental practices given that windows do not open and bio-aerosols from every patient is mixed in the air. What does just one lost day from a hygienist cost you?v


Your staff will greatly appreciate not only the noticeably fresher air but the fact you care so much about their health and comfort. Current and prospective patients & clients will be impressed that you're at the forefront of technology.


Studies have shown that headaches, fatigue, itchy eyes, dry skin, coughing, sneezing, and the need for inhalers are all ways polluted air can cause discomfort and inconvenience.


Studies have also shown that removing pollutants can increase productivity by up to 16% - a real return on investment.

Patient anxiety

The odours present in most dental practices can be a major source of patient anxiety.

  • “As a practice, we felt that with the concerns around AGPs (aerosol generating procedures), having the JADE Air Purification System would provide a more secure environment for our team and patients,” Dr Jonathan Cowie Circus Dental Dr Jonathan Cowie
    Circus Dental
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