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Another Nuview collab at the ‘Advanced Contemporary Endodontics Course’ with Jon and Luca of Contemporary Endodontics

Past Exhibitions & Training

Isabel Davison

31st January 2024


This February, we will once again be attending Contemporary Endodontics’ latest course: ‘Advanced Contemporary Endodontics’ at the renowned Circus Dental in Bath. As a leading distributor of Zeiss magnification, Nuview will supply Zeiss microscopes and loupes for this enlightening event.

Tailored for clinicians with a strong foundation in Endodontics, the courses offered at Circus Dental promise to refine specific clinical skills and enhance practice-based workflows. Led by expert course tutors Luca Moranzoni and Jon Cowie, specialists in Endodontics, the 'Advanced Contemporary Endodontics’ course boasts a range of invaluable experiences for attendees.

What to Expect:

  1. Small Group Learning: Dive deep into the world of endodontics with honest, unbiased, and modern insights. This small class size ensures personalised attention to specific delegate needs within the framework of the course.
  2. Real-World Clinic Experience: Explore Circus Dental's operational clinics and witness their referral process and clinic setup. Learn how to implement these strategies directly into your practice.
  3. Cutting-Edge Zeiss Microscopes: Access state-of-the-art Zeiss microscopes, generously supplied by Nuview, to elevate your endodontic work. Experience the precision and clarity that these instruments bring to your practice.
  4. Course Highlights: The curriculum covers various topics, including endodontic retreatment decision-making, hands-on sessions with tools like TruNatomy and Reciproc, and techniques for managing complex cases like fractured files and open apex scenarios.
  5. Nuview Support: A Nuview representative will be present throughout the course to assist delegates in learning and using surgical loupes. They will also provide insights into the intricacies of the Zeiss Extaro 300 microscope and technoscopes.

Why Choose Nuview:

As a provider of top-tier Zeiss dental equipment, Nuview has been at the forefront of enhancing clinical practices. Our collaboration with Contemporary Endodontics underscores our commitment to advancing dental education and supporting clinicians in their pursuit of excellence.

Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to refine your clinical skills, gain valuable insights, and elevate your endodontic expertise. While the February course is now fully booked, you can register your interest for the next course at Contemporary Endodontics.

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