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Introducing: A Sustainable Solution for Infection Control in Healthcare

Product launches

Isabel Davison

1st February 2024


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the impact of plastics and single-use items is under scrutiny. The pivotal question arises – how can we ensure infection control while being environmentally responsible?

At Nuview, we embrace this challenge head-on and are proud to share our ongoing efforts to provide eco-friendly solutions with our Continu Disinfection and Cleaning Solutions. Our latest innovation, the Biodegradable Wipe Tubs, is a testament to our commitment to sustainable healthcare practices.

After extensive research and rigorous testing, we are excited to announce the launch of our Biodegradable Wipe Tubs – a sustainable, mainstream alternative to traditional disinfection wipes. Crafted from 100% viscose, these wipes are saturated with the same highly effective 2-in-1 formula found in our existing product line. What sets them apart is their delivery in recyclable tubs, reflecting our dedication to reducing environmental impact.

One of the standout features of our Biodegradable Wipe Tubs is their origin – proudly manufactured right here in the UK. This not only ensures the highest quality but also contributes to a significantly smaller carbon footprint compared to market leaders in disinfection wipes. At Nuview, we believe that sustainability should be at the core of every product, and our Biodegradable Wipe Tubs exemplify this philosophy.

By choosing Nuview's Biodegradable Wipe Tubs, healthcare facilities can prioritise infection control without compromising on environmental responsibility. Our commitment to sustainability extends across our entire product range, making us a standout choice for those who seek eco-conscious solutions in the field of infection control.

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