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Our Top Cleaning Hacks for a Busy Healthcare Practice


Isabel Davison

10th January 2024


We know that running a busy dental or medical clinic is no easy feat, and keeping everything squeaky clean is crucial for the well-being of your staff and patients. Here are some disinfection hacks to make your clinic shine.

Smart Scheduling for Cleaning: Integrate cleaning sessions into your clinic schedule. Assign specific times for staff to disinfect common areas, ensuring every nook and cranny is covered without disrupting the workflow.

Air Purification Magic: Install air purifiers with HEPA filters to capture and eliminate airborne particles, providing a breath of fresh air for both staff and patients. We love the JADE air purifier from our range of products. 

Desk Essentials: Encourage your staff to keep disinfecting wipes at their desks. Continu tub wipes are perfect for this. Regularly wipe down keyboards, phones, and other office supplies to create a healthy work environment.

Patient Engagement in Cleanliness: Educate your patients on the steps you're taking to maintain a clean environment and encourage them to practice good hygiene by providing hand sanitiser. A team effort ensures a healthier space for everyone!

Daily Dose of Disinfectant: Keep a spray bottle of disinfectant handy for quick daily touch-ups. Door handles, light switches, and communal areas should get a daily spritz to stay germ-free!

Remember, a clean clinic is a healthy clinic. Check out our range of Continu 2 in 1 disinfection and cleaning solutions to support infection control in your clinic. Share these hacks with your team and let's create a space where smiles shine, and health thrives!

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