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The Restorative Programme Presents: Anterior Resin Mastery with Dr. Jason Smithson

Past Exhibitions & Training

Isabel Davison

28th February 2024


It’s been quite the busy February here at Nuview. In addition to our work with Contemporary Endodontics and our stand at London’s Best Practice Exhibition, we recently partnered with Dr Jason Smithson at The Restorative Programme to deliver an unparalleled experience in anterior resin artistry at the exclusive Anterior Resin Event. From February 23rd to 25th, dental professionals gathered for three immersive days focused on advancing their skills in anterior resin treatments. As a premier supplier of Zeiss loupes, Nuview provided delegates with Zeiss dental loupes; a necessary magnification tool for this transformative event.

Unlocking the Artistry of Anterior Resin Work:

Led by acclaimed expert Dr. Jason Smithson, the event offered attendees a comprehensive exploration of advanced anterior resin techniques. Through a combination of theory webinars, demo sessions, and hands-on workshops, delegates delved deep into the nuances of aesthetic dentistry. From mastering isolation protocols to refining techniques for diastema closure and restoring wear, participants emerged equipped with the knowledge and skills to elevate their clinical practice.

Nuview's Contribution:

Nuview played a pivotal role in enhancing the learning experience by supplying Zeiss loupes for delegates. These high-quality loupes provided unparalleled magnification, ensuring precise and detailed work during the hands-on workshops. Additionally, Dr. Jason Smithson showcased the exceptional clarity and precision of Zeiss optical instruments by using a Zeiss technoscope for his live demonstrations.

Why Choose Nuview:

Nuview's collaboration with The Restorative Programme demonstrates our dedication to providing clinicians with the instruments and resources they need to excel in their field. As a trusted supplier of Zeiss surgical loupes, we are committed to empowering dental professionals to achieve exceptional results and deliver superior patient care.

Stay Tuned for Future Opportunities:

Missed out on the Anterior Resin Event? Keep an eye out for future collaborations between Nuview and The Restorative Programme. Don't miss the chance to learn more about restorative dentistry and take your clinical skills to the next level with The Restorative Programme.

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