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We teamed up Contemporary Endodontics for an exciting course at Bristol University’s new Dental School

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Isabel Davison

29th November 2023


In an exciting collaboration, Nuview recently joined forces with Contemporary Endodontics at the University of Bristol's newly opened Dental School. This state-of-the-art facility represents a significant leap forward in dental education. The £36 million purpose-designed school, located at the University’s Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus, offers cutting-edge clinical training for dentists, hygienists, therapists, dental nurses, and the wider dental team. Nuview's participation in the instructional course, 'The Fundamentals of Endo,' held at this new facility, further underscores our commitment to advancing dental education.

Spanning 7,300 square meters, the new Dental School boasts 119 dental chairs across six clinical areas. This expansion allows the University to increase student capacity by approximately 25 percent, contributing significantly to the local and national dental workforce. The facility, refurbished by the Kier Group, aligns with the NHS Long Term Plan's vision for growth in dental and hygiene/therapy training.

Importantly, the Dental School maintains a strong connection to the community. Undergraduate students offer free dental treatment to the local community under the supervision of qualified clinical dentists. This model, designed in consultation with local NHS commissioners and Healthwatch Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire, is a pioneering approach in the UK.

Bristol University's new Dental School

Nuview's collaboration with Contemporary Endodontics during the instructional course at Bristol Dental School marked a pivotal moment in the dental education of it’s students. Through the provision of Zeiss loupes, Nuview empowered students to explore high magnification, ensuring a detailed and immersive learning experience. The hands-on exposure to advanced dental technology sets the stage for the next generation of dental professionals to excel in their careers.

The success of the course was further enhanced by the presence of the Bristol and South Cotswold Dental Foundation Scheme Directors, Phil Loughnane and Manisha Mehendale, who actively assisted during the event. This collaborative effort exemplifies the spirit of knowledge-sharing within the dental community, emphasising the importance of unity in advancing dental education. 

As the University of Bristol's new Dental School opens its doors to the next generation of dental professionals, Nuview remains dedicated to supporting initiatives that elevate the standard of dental education and promote excellence in patient care.

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