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Another fantastic Advanced Contemporary Endodontics course at Circus Dental, Bath

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Isabel Davison

1st December 2023


This month, we’ve been lucky enough to join Contemporary Endodontics on their Advanced Contemporary Endodontics course, held at Circus Dental – their educational practice. As we have many times before, Nuview provided a number of Zeiss dental microscopes to enhance the delegate’s learning experience at this course and provide a taste of working with high magnification for endodontic procedures.

A Focus on Practical Knowledge

The "Advanced Contemporary Endodontics" course embodies Contemporary Endodontic’s philosophy of restoratively driven endodontics. The aim was not just to impart knowledge but to provide practical, relatable skills that participants could directly apply in their clinics.

From honing Endodontic skills to perfecting practice workflows, the course offered participants a comprehensive exploration of the intricacies of contemporary endodontics. The intimate setting at Circus Dental fostered a small group learning environment that was not only interactive but also highly enriching.

One of the unique aspects of the course was the opportunity to gain insight into the daily clinic operations at Circus Dental. Participants were able to observe first-hand how theoretical knowledge seamlessly integrates into practical applications. This bridge between theory and practice was invaluable, providing a practical roadmap for applying new skills in our own practices.

Expert Guidance from World-class Specialists

A major highlight of the course was the personal attention provided by our brilliant course leaders, Luca Moranzoni and Jon Cowie. Their expertise not only enhanced our understanding of advanced endodontic techniques but also offered practical insights that are often missed in traditional learning environments.

The addition of Zeiss microscopes really enhanced participants' visualisation during the sessions. The power of Zeiss technology added a new dimension to our learning experience, allowing for a more detailed and precise examination of endodontic procedures.

A Shout-Out to Circus Dental Education

We extend our gratitude to Jon, Luca, Emily, and the entire team at Circus Dental Education for hosting us. Their dedication to providing a conducive learning environment contributed significantly to the success of the course.

If you're interested in elevating your endodontic practice with the cutting-edge technology of Zeiss microscopes, we invite you to get in touch with us today. Call us at 01453 872 266, and let us guide you towards a future of advanced endodontics.

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The Advanced Contemporary Endodontics Course held at Circus Dental Education in Bath

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