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Supplying the best in Disinfection, Magnification and Illumination.

  • Continu disinfectant system

    Continu disinfectant system

    Continu offers a fully compliant range of water-based cleaning and disinfection products developed for use in Medical settings. Continu starts working instantly upon application and is tested as effective against Coronavirus and Norovirus, as well as many other Bacterial, Fungal and Virus groups. 

    Whether you're cleaning and disinfecting hands, surfaces or equipment, there is a Continu solution to meet your needs. 

  • Carl Zeiss medical loupes and dental microscopes

    Carl Zeiss medical loupes and dental microscopes

    Carl Zeiss medical loupes and microscopes set the standards in optical quality, integration and ergonomic design, giving you the precision, magnification and illumination you need. Always on the edge on innovation, ZEISS provide the latest technologies and applications to micro dentistry and surgery.  

Introducing: Biodegradable Wipes

Introducing: Biodegradable Wipes

Eco-Friendly: Made from 100% viscose, these wipes are not just effective but also environmentally conscious.

Same Trusted Formula: Saturated with our beloved 2-in-1 alcohol-free blend, it's the familiar disinfectant in a greener solution.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Manufactured in the UK, these wipes contribute to a greener planet, reducing the carbon footprint of this exceptional product

We offer the highest quality products and the best service

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A supplier you can trust

We’re a leading supplier of dental microscopes and surgical loupes, trusted as the appointed distributor for Carl Zeiss in the UK.


The support you need

We’re always there when you need us, whether that’s for general advice, ongoing service, repairs, warranties or something else.

Industry innovation

We only sell the best products, from Carl Zeiss to our own Continu disinfectant system. With Nuview, you know you’re getting the highest quality.
  • “If you’re looking to purchase a high-performance microscope that you can rely on from a team you can trust, Nuview is definitely the company to speak to” Dr Gurvinder S Bhirth Carriage Works Dental Dr Gurvinder S Bhirth
    Carriage Works Dental
  • “The service and aftercare from Nuview is outstanding. Nuview’s knowledge of the products and infection control is exceptional, not to mention that the team is very helpful with all of our queries and in solving any issues.” Kaye Willis
    Practice manager and principle nurse, Renton-Harper Periodontics
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